Sylights iOS Update & Moving Forward

So. It’s been a (very) long time since our last post. I guess it’s no secret to anyone but let’s be honest: Sylights has been running very slowly during the last months, even the last year.

We have many reasons for that, the main one being that until recently Sylights was only a side-project we were working on during our spare time. But that time is over!
We’ve decided to give Sylights more attention and move forward to achieve our initial goal: producing a professional lighting diagrams app to help you in your daily photography work.
So, during the last year, we’ve all reorganized our lives and started our own company. It’s called Digital Cuisine, and it’ll allow us to continue working on Sylights and other projects.

You don’t quit your job and organize a new life to dedicate yourself to a project in two or three days, but that’s where we are now, and we hope you’ll like the outcome :)

We’ve just updated Sylights for iPhone and Sylights for iPad as a first step forward.
Here are the main points of this update:

  • We’ve added a undo/redo feature in the lighting diagrams editor, so that you can make mistakes and forget about them quickly!

  • We’ve fixed a few bugs and crashes to improve the apps performance and make them work under iOS 7.

  • We’ve started working on a new design. It’s already there in the updated app, and we’ll try to migrate everything to the new look iteratively. I won’t say too much here, but it won’t only be about the look :)

  • Finally, we’ve added a new “Support Sylights” screen.

Let’s talk about this last point. As I said above, we’re now in a situation where most of our time will be dedicated to improving Sylights and bringing the apps and website to the next level. Our main focus will be to make the apps and more tied together, so that you can browse lighting diagrams from the community and synchronize your own diagrams between the apps and the website.
Though there’s a lot of work to do and new infrastructures to invest in to support these improvements, we want to keep delivering our core services for free. Yep, for free!

You guessed it already, the new “Support Sylights” screen is a way for you to help us deliver.
For the moment, what you can do is remove the ads from the apps for $1.99. In exchange of that small fee, you get a nicer app free from these ugly ad banners and you help us improve Sylights!

Of course we’ll need all the help we can get, so we’ve also included a set of social media buttons. Use them to spread the word about Sylights and how it’ll become the greatest studio photography app thanks to your support!

Lastly, if you want to help us more significantly, we have set up donation buttons via PayPal. You can get us some coffee to keep us coding night after night using the $5/5€ buttons, or send us the amount of your choice using the “help us” button!

If you don’t feel like sending us some money, please consider talking about Sylights to your friends, coworkers, family… Share this article on Facebook (or like our page), Twitter (and follow us), G+, to let people know about us and what we have to offer. Please continue sending us suggestions on our feedback platform too.

Whatever you do, be sure that we highly appreciate the effort! We will do our best to live up to your expectations and make Sylights better and better.

Sylights is far from a finished product, we do have a lot of ideas to improve it, and it can only go faster and closer to what you’re looking for, thanks to you! :) Selects Sylights as the Official Lighting Diagrams Provider for Light It

Good news!

Starting from today, Sylights is the official lighting diagrams provider for the wonderful iPad magazine Light It, from

Should we present
Scott Kelby and Kelby Media Group, have created amazing places and services to learn about photography and everything creative (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, web design, you name it…), and is one of them. The NAPP, the Photoshop World conference and the Photoshop User magazine are other examples.


As is, of course, Light It. What’s wonderful about Light It, is that it’s all about learning photography lighting. Kinda like Sylights, don’t you think? :)
I highly recommend that you check it out


So we now are partners, meaning that you will find lighting diagrams in the next issues of the magazine, and you will also find those diagrams on
We have implemented a new feature to make it easy for you to check out photos and diagrams from our partners like Light It. Simply go to the top “Lighting diagrams” menu and click “User Groups” in the menu that unfolds (yep, that’s new too!):


From the page that opens, you can go to Light It group’s details and view the members involved in making this great magazine! And their photos/diagrams of course.

At Sylights, we are very happy to begin this adventure with Light It and We couldn’t dream better than a partner that is dedicated to producing quality learning material like they do. We hope you will like the outcomes of this partnership as much as we do.

Finally, before you can read the official press release that is attached below, please join us for a special thank you to Mike Mackenzie and Felix Nelson, respectively Managing Editor of Light It and Creative Director at Kelby Media Group. This partnership wouldn’t have been possible without them!


Download the press release


Von Wong Photography

Hi guys,

I’m happy to see it’s still possible to find a way down to here!
Sorry about being so silent during the past months… “We’ve all been very busy” is the common excuse and, well, it does apply here!

As you might know, we are working on Sylights on our free time and still have full-time jobs to attend to.
Which makes me think we should have a small post presenting ourselves some time…

Anyway! Things are going to get “serious” soon and I’ll tell you more about that later.


Today’s news is about an amazing photographer, and how we are partnering up with him on his project.


Von Wong Photography

Benjamin Von Wong is an awesome photographer from Montreal.
I don’t want to say too much about why I love his work because he’d just blush, so if you don’t know him already just check out his portfolio on Flickr!

However, Benjamin does more than just posting photos online; he also shares behind the scene videos, and has decided to go even further with his friend and videographer Erwan Cloarec.


“Von Wong does Europe”

Ben & Erwan are about to come to Europe, meet as many artists as possible and tell their stories. They’re going to write about them, to make photos of them and to make videos of them.
And because they believe in the power of sharing, they are also going to put together Behind The Scene videos of their photoshoots and photoshop retouching tutorials.


Their skills and creativity are not to be proven anymore, yet we hope they’ll push back their limits and venture out of their comfort zone: the outcome for us photographers can only be better!

“Von Wong does Europe” is more than just two jumping-to-the-ceiling guys coming out of their politically-correct country to discover people of the Old Continent :)
It’s about discovering talents, placing them in the spotlight of their creativity to make them shine, and then explaining to the world how they did it.


This, at Sylights, is a vision we really dig!
That’s why we have decided to back their project and become an official partner of Von Wong does Europe.

As a result, you can expect some updates about their trip, as well as lighting diagrams of wonderful photos of the artists they’ll meet to join your own wonderful photos on!


Last but not least, just click here and help them make this happen! You don’t want to miss on the “perks” they’ve set up for their contributors!

Those Lucky Guys Just Won the Contest!

Hey, sorry we’re late!

Last weeks have been kind of crazy here, including a trip from France to the USA for an unexpected visit to NYC to attend the PDN PhotoPlus Expo!
… which was awesome, by the way!

During this time, photos were sent on Sylights from photographers who wanted to bring back those DIY Ring Flash babies home.

Well, two of them did!

Flavored Gins by Tilo Gockel

Julie by Romain Lechevalier

Read on…

Win a DIY Ring Flash With Sylights and DIY Lighting Kits!

Today, we are launching our very first photography contest on Sylights!

This launch comes with the release of a new feature allowing you to accurately find what you want in the lighting diagrams gallery, but we’ll detail this soon in another post :)

The contest will be running for two weeks, from today (Tuesday 11th October) up to Tuesday 25th. At the end of those two weeks, thanks to DIY Photography and their DIY Lighting Kits, we are going to choose two winners who will each receive a DIY Ring Flash and its bracket.

This DIY Ring Flash is compatible with most speedlights and will provide you with a beautiful light for your next portraits. That’s not just me saying, check out what David Hobby thought about it too!

So if you want to win one of the two kits, go ahead and post your best shots on Sylights! There is no limits to the number of photos/diagrams you can post, but you’ll have to take care of a thing or two:

  • Include this text in your diagrams’ description or title: [DIY Ring Flash Contest]
  • Of course, we are looking for beautiful photos, so show us the work you’re proud of :)
  • Make sure your diagrams are clear and complete, easy to understand
  • Sylights is about sharing and learning, so be sure to include a description with shooting details and such. The more educational your description is, the better!
  • Setup photos are more than welcome in addition to your shots

Also, you obviously need an account to post your photos, as we won’t be able to identify owners of “guest diagrams”. Check that you’re logged in before posting!

We will announce the winners during the first week of November here on the blog and we’ll contact them personnally to get the information we need to send the price over.

So that’s it! We’re now waiting for your lighting diagrams and photos!

Best of luck to all of you,
Sylights Team 


The All-in-one Post: Newcomer, Affiliation and iPhone Update!

Dear photographers,

we hope you’re enjoying our new version of If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time!
Wonderful photos and their diagrams are posted every day by talented photographers who are waiting for more interaction with you! :)

There are three announcements inside this post, three exciting news that you’ll discover after the jump!

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Sylights - Lighting Diagrams Made Easy!

“Lighting diagrams made easy”.
This is what you can now read on the home page of Sylights. Just above a thumbnails list of recent and popular lighting diagrams.

Yes, we’ve put an update online. Yes, you have to check it out!
This is not just about the home page: we’ve packed a lot of new features and improvement in this one.
Learn more after the jump!

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Happy New Year 2011 & First Surprise!

So, that’s it. 2010 is gone!

Yeah we know it’s no big news and we’re actually a few days late. But still, we’d like to wish you a very joyful year 2011!
And we would also like to thank you for following us during those months since June 2010, when Sylights was officially born! This year has been great for us, thanks to your support, your feedback and of course your enthusiasm!

Although we try to stay active and keep in touch as much as possible, we know we’ve been quite silent recently, in terms of speech and updates. We are sorry for this. However, as an “apology” and to show you we haven’t stopped working, we have prepared some surprises that will come, one by one, during this promising year 2011!

The first one has been announced yesterday on a ring flash creator!

On an idea from DIY Photography, we’ve teamed up to develop this PDF generator. With a tiny measuring effort, you can have it draw a ring flash blueprint for you, which will perfectly fit your gear! Print it, cut everything out, assemble (instructions here), and you have it :)
The original drawings are from Diego Billi, who really made an excellent job and generously made them public!

We hope you’ll like this project and use it to craft your own ring flash!
And if you do, don’t forget to show us the result and share some diagrams :)

Happy New Year again, and stay tuned for the upcoming news.