Learn Photography Post-processing on post-traitement.com

Yesterday, a new website has come to the world of photography resources: post-traitement.com. It is a French site whose headline would translate to “Post-traitement.com - The place to learn photography post-processing”. English-speaking people, don’t turn away now, you might find something useful there too, or perhaps help with translation :)
Created by French student and photographer Nicolas Constant (Flickr, Twitter), post-traitement.com features many tutorials written by Nicolas around photography post-processing with the objective to teach from the basics to the more advanced topics in photography processing, using Photoshop (and other tools later on).

You’ll find after the jump a small interview we had with Nicolas to introduce his website:

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Sylights for iPhone 1.1 Is Coming

[update] The update is now available on iTunes. Check the App Store :)

Dear iPhone users,

our next update to Sylights for iPhone is currently being reviewed by Apple!
This one catches up with some of the last updates to sylights.com. Here is the change log posted on iTunes:

  • 20 new items to create your diagrams
  • 18 redesigned items
  • Added an outline around the selected item
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash on devices with iOS 3.2 or earlier
  • Fixed various minor bugs

For the last ones of you still experiencing crashes on iOS 3.2 and earlier, this update should make it work fine. If you still have problems with this version, let us know here! See Pierre-Jean’s comment here for instructions to send us an iPhone crash report.

You’ll notice there is one tiny new feature, that was missing to a lot of you out there: a selection outline, showing more clearly which item is selected, and its bounds.

We hope it will make things easier when editing a diagram with many items. Thanks to Jason Lykins for reminding us this was missing!



The update has been in review for a few hours now, so you should expect it quite soon. Another update should follow quickly, and also a small surprise… so stay tuned! :)

New Gear Added to Sylights

As we told you in our last post, some new objects were being designed… they are now here!

We’ve added two subjects and five gears:

  • A dog and a cat in a new “Animals” category, with all other “Subjects”
  • A softbox on a boom and two octoboxes on booms (a small and a large one), in the “Hair Lights” category
  • A medium format and a large format camera

You can check out these new items on the editor or have a quick look on the “diagram” below!

So, our gear “database” has grown up a bit now, but we’re still missing important objects… what are the most important to you? Tell us in the comments!

New Update to Sylights.com

Yet another update to Sylights.com!
We have received a lot of requests and suggestions since the launch of Sylights. We are trying our best to include them in our own roadmap, and major updates should come soon with many of them!

Today, we are pushing some new features and new diagram objects. It’s not a huge update, but it should help taking things to another level. I’ll let you judge after the jump :)

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Sylights for iPhone Update

Hello, world!

Some of you have been experiencing crashes on our app Sylights for iPhone while editing diagrams…
Although we’ve had a great team of testers, there was indeed that bug left out that made it all happen. It’s now gone!

I’m sorry, we can’t promise it won’t happen again. But we’d like to thank you for bringing up this problem and, in general, for your support and enthusiasm concerning Sylights for iPhone!
What we do promise though, is to continue improving the app and killing each and every bug when they come out. And if you want to, don’t hesitate to participate in those improvements! You can join us here in the comments, on Twitter and on Facebook.

The AppStore update is on its way.

Thanks again to all, we will be back soon with news and updates to both iPhone app and website!

Lighting Diagrams. There’s an App for That!

[update] If you own an iPad, then you’ll probably be interested in this post instead!

Do you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad?
Are you always joking on your drawing skills when showing your lighting diagrams to someone?
Well then, we’ve got what you need!

Sylights for iPhone is now available on the App Store! It’s got everything you need to design, document and share your diagrams.
We’ve made a small demo video to illustrate the main features:

Do you know what’s best about all this? It’s free! So go get your Sylights for iPhone copy on iTunes and give it a try!

We’ve put our efforts on designing an intuitive, easy to use interface so that you can draw diagrams on the go when preparing a session, edit it back if needed and share it by email. If you have some ideas to share to make it better, let us know on our feedback page!
If you do like the app, please help us spread the word about it! There are twitter and facebook buttons on our dedicated page that you can use for that purpose.

With the release of this first version of the iPhone app we are making a step forward towards our goal to provide photographers with handy tools to document their art, and we hope you are going to enjoy and use it!
We’d like to warmly thank you all for the support you showed us so far, it is really a great pleasure for us to get in touch and discover the work of so many talented photographers!
Special thanks to our beta team too!

Olivier & Pierre-Jean

PS. Please note that there’s no native iPad version of the app for the moment. Give us time (or an iPad!) and it’ll come :)

Quick Update to Diagrams Listing

We have pushed a quick update tonight, to the “browse diagrams” and dashboard pages:

As the list of diagrams grows bigger and bigger (thanks to you!), having everything shown on a single page was beginning to feel overloaded… so we’ve added some pagination links to navigate more easily through the diagrams. Thirteen pages of diagrams are waiting for your comments! :)

The other update that’s been made is about comments and photos: it’s nice to know how many photos are attached to a diagram and how many comments have been posted, without having to load the page and check there. So, diagrams’ thumbnails now show those counters right from the browse/dashboard pages!
Quite basic, but pretty handy!

So now if you’ve already created some diagrams, you can go and check from your dashboard if they have received any comments… if they don’t, maybe you should add some pictures to them.
If you haven’t created any diagram yet, well, you know what to do!


Show Your Photos, Share Your Comments!

It’s been some weeks since the last update on sylights.com!

What kept us busy for that time? First, our Sylights for iPhone application. The beta is currently running and we’ve had some really helpful comments and reports. Thanks to all the testers who are participating!
You should expect some news in a near future about this, so if you own an iPod Touch, an iPhone or an iPad, stay tuned!

A lot of work has also been done on sylights.com, and this is what we are going to address here. The short version is: Flickr photo import, comments, design improvements. The long version comes after the jump.

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Sylights in Your Pocket!

Sylights has been launched a bit more than one month ago, with the intent to provide some powerful tools to strobists/studio photographers regarding lighting diagrams. After this first month, we’d like to thank everybody for showing support and interest in our project!
We’ve seen many articles and blog posts flourish all over the world and feedbacks on our feedback page, which really encourage us to continue working on Sylights to bring up all the features we’ve thought about!
So work is still going on on the website and we will have some news soon, but today’s announcement is not about the website. Today’s news is about bringing Sylights to your pocket. Or wherever you put your phone into, as a matter of fact!
We are indeed really glad to announce you our Sylights for iPhone application, which will be available to a panel of users as a beta version in the coming days! 

Small Update on Diagrams Pages

We have just updated Sylights with some convenient links on the diagram detail pages.
Three links have been added:

  • A “permalink” link, to have a quick access to the diagram’s page URL
  • A “download” link that will start downloading the full size diagram image to your local disk
  • A “delete” link if you’d like to delete a diagram you no longer need. This one will of course be displayed on your own diagrams only, and guest diagrams won’t show it.

About guest diagrams, some feedbacks showed us it was not obvious for everybody that they would be destroyed after 24 hours of online presence. Guest diagrams are temporary diagrams, intended to let you try Sylights Diagram Editor without creating an account. Their lifetime is short because they won’t benefit from features built around diagram edition on Sylights, as they don’t really belong to anybody and those features generally need an identified owner to be effective (just like the delete “feature”).
To clarify this temporary nature of guest diagrams, we have added a specific message on their pages, indicating how much time is left before they are destroyed.

Below are two screenshots: the first one shows a guest diagrams that will be delete in 19 hours. The permalink and download link are located below the diagram image; the second screenshot shows one of my diagrams, which then have a “delete” link.