Happy New Year 2011 & First Surprise!

So, that’s it. 2010 is gone!

Yeah we know it’s no big news and we’re actually a few days late. But still, we’d like to wish you a very joyful year 2011!
And we would also like to thank you for following us during those months since June 2010, when Sylights was officially born! This year has been great for us, thanks to your support, your feedback and of course your enthusiasm!

Although we try to stay active and keep in touch as much as possible, we know we’ve been quite silent recently, in terms of speech and updates. We are sorry for this. However, as an “apology” and to show you we haven’t stopped working, we have prepared some surprises that will come, one by one, during this promising year 2011!

The first one has been announced yesterday on diyphotography.net: a ring flash creator!

On an idea from DIY Photography, we’ve teamed up to develop this PDF generator. With a tiny measuring effort, you can have it draw a ring flash blueprint for you, which will perfectly fit your gear! Print it, cut everything out, assemble (instructions here), and you have it :)
The original drawings are from Diego Billi, who really made an excellent job and generously made them public!

We hope you’ll like this project and use it to craft your own ring flash!
And if you do, don’t forget to show us the result and share some diagrams :)

Happy New Year again, and stay tuned for the upcoming news.