Lighting Diagrams. There's an App for That!

[update] If you own an iPad, then you’ll probably be interested in this post instead!

Do you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad?
Are you always joking on your drawing skills when showing your lighting diagrams to someone?
Well then, we’ve got what you need!

Sylights for iPhone is now available on the App Store! It’s got everything you need to design, document and share your diagrams.
We’ve made a small demo video to illustrate the main features:

Do you know what’s best about all this? It’s free! So go get your Sylights for iPhone copy on iTunes and give it a try!

We’ve put our efforts on designing an intuitive, easy to use interface so that you can draw diagrams on the go when preparing a session, edit it back if needed and share it by email. If you have some ideas to share to make it better, let us know on our feedback page!
If you do like the app, please help us spread the word about it! There are twitter and facebook buttons on our dedicated page that you can use for that purpose.

With the release of this first version of the iPhone app we are making a step forward towards our goal to provide photographers with handy tools to document their art, and we hope you are going to enjoy and use it!
We’d like to warmly thank you all for the support you showed us so far, it is really a great pleasure for us to get in touch and discover the work of so many talented photographers!
Special thanks to our beta team too!

Olivier & Pierre-Jean

PS. Please note that there’s no native iPad version of the app for the moment. Give us time (or an iPad!) and it’ll come :)