New Update to

Yet another update to!
We have received a lot of requests and suggestions since the launch of Sylights. We are trying our best to include them in our own roadmap, and major updates should come soon with many of them!

Today, we are pushing some new features and new diagram objects. It’s not a huge update, but it should help taking things to another level. I’ll let you judge after the jump :)

New diagram objects
Our gear and props base needs to grow, you’ve been numerous to ask for different additions. Here is what we are adding today:

  • Color gels:  orange, green, blue, red and gray
  • Monobloc variations: with grid, snoot, barn doors and bare bulb
  • Speedlights: with grid and with snoot
  • Subjects: added an “Objects” category with a sphere and a cube, for a kind of generic objects representation.

We have also updated some of the existing objects to change their look a bit.
Other objects are being designed and we hope to add them quickly, especially different cameras, softbox on boom, new subjects and props. 



“Mirror” function on the diagram editor
This is especially useful for booms: you can now mirror items in the diagram editor, to adjust for the real orientation you have used in your lighting setup. A new action icon has been added to the objects, close to the rotation one, to use this function:


Twitter and Facebook buttons
Share your diagrams or those you like on Twitter or on Facebook! We have added two buttons in the discussion part of each diagram, so you can easily share them to your friends and followers:


Edit your diagrams’ name and description “in place”
You’ve just created a diagram, and forgot to include a description of the setup? Is there a typo in your diagram name?
No problem! You can now edit your diagram’s title and description from its page. Just click the text you wan to modify, and there you go. Hit save to make the changes permanent:
In this screenshot, the description is being edited, while the title shows a pencil icon on the right, telling you edition is available. Text formatting is enabled while editing the description; refer to our help page for more information.


Edit your diagrams
Last but not least, you can now edit your diagrams! It’s as easy as creating one: you just have to go to one of your diagrams and click that new “Edit this diagram” link that appeared in the sidebar:

It will bring you to the diagram editor, in the state you left it when you last hit “save”. So if you want those new objects looks, if you need to add a missing light to your setup, that’s the way to go!
We are going to improve your dashboard in a future update to facilitate editing capabilities.


So, this is it. We hope you’re going to like these new features and we’d like to thank you for your feedback, which help us a lot in going forward!