Quick Update to Diagrams Listing

We have pushed a quick update tonight, to the “browse diagrams” and dashboard pages:

As the list of diagrams grows bigger and bigger (thanks to you!), having everything shown on a single page was beginning to feel overloaded… so we’ve added some pagination links to navigate more easily through the diagrams. Thirteen pages of diagrams are waiting for your comments! :)

The other update that’s been made is about comments and photos: it’s nice to know how many photos are attached to a diagram and how many comments have been posted, without having to load the page and check there. So, diagrams’ thumbnails now show those counters right from the browse/dashboard pages!
Quite basic, but pretty handy!

So now if you’ve already created some diagrams, you can go and check from your dashboard if they have received any comments… if they don’t, maybe you should add some pictures to them.
If you haven’t created any diagram yet, well, you know what to do!