Small Update on Diagrams Pages

We have just updated Sylights with some convenient links on the diagram detail pages.
Three links have been added:

  • A “permalink” link, to have a quick access to the diagram’s page URL
  • A “download” link that will start downloading the full size diagram image to your local disk
  • A “delete” link if you’d like to delete a diagram you no longer need. This one will of course be displayed on your own diagrams only, and guest diagrams won’t show it.

About guest diagrams, some feedbacks showed us it was not obvious for everybody that they would be destroyed after 24 hours of online presence. Guest diagrams are temporary diagrams, intended to let you try Sylights Diagram Editor without creating an account. Their lifetime is short because they won’t benefit from features built around diagram edition on Sylights, as they don’t really belong to anybody and those features generally need an identified owner to be effective (just like the delete “feature”).
To clarify this temporary nature of guest diagrams, we have added a specific message on their pages, indicating how much time is left before they are destroyed.

Below are two screenshots: the first one shows a guest diagrams that will be delete in 19 hours. The permalink and download link are located below the diagram image; the second screenshot shows one of my diagrams, which then have a “delete” link.