Sylights: A Release and 5 Days Later

We are really happy to have finally made Sylights available to the community!
Released as a preview version last Wednesday, the reception it has encountered really encourages us to move forward on the project and continue on our plans to provide you with a great platform to share your photos and lighting diagrams. This post will present you the next features we are going to implement on

But first things first, we’d like to thank you all for your feedback, comments and articles about Sylights. We’ve spotted some from many countries around the world (USA, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and more!), and we are truly thankful and amazed by how quickly the word has spread over the internet!
Special thanks to DIY Photography for helping us spreading the word with a first blog post, and to PetaPixel and Westcott as well!

Now with the features. We have received many requests for a mean to associate photos to a diagram. We of course intend to implement such a feature, and it will come really quickly now. We’d like to know what would be the best solution for you though: importing photos from your Flickr account, or directly uploading them to Sylights?
Both solutions will be implemented eventually, but you should vote here to tell us the first one you’d like to use!

Then, in priority order, the next features we plan to add are:
  • Diagram edition. Once saved, a diagram shouldn’t be set into stone! You’ll be able to edit them for improvements (including when new features come) or if you’ve forgotten something on them.
  • Labels and annotations. As of now, you can use the “description” text field to add textual information to your diagrams. This feature should free this description from gear-specific notes, allowing you to put them directly on the concerned objects.
  • Votes and comments. We want diagrams to bring up discussions about lighting techniques, to add some teaching value to those schemes. We also think Sylights would really miss a feature if you wouldn’t be able to interact on your diagrams pages!
  • Objects duplication. Some of you asked for it and we think this is a great, user-friendly feature to add to our diagram editor.
This list should make it for a few weeks!
Of course, photo attachment and the following features will become available to all the diagrams you’ve already created. So if you don’t have an account yet, there is no need to wait :)

We also are considering the inclusion of other features requested through feedback as well as our own list of planned features. I guess some minor changes will be made independently during the coming weeks to improve usability.
We will keep you informed about them as soon as they are made available, so keep an eye on this blog or follow us on twitter here!

Comments are opened below to receive your reactions. Thanks again for your support!