Sylights for iPad Is Here!

It’s finally here!

Sylights for iPad has been officially released yesterday, and is available on the AppStore for free!
Download it right now if you own an iPad and were using a scaled Sylights for iPhone (or patiently waiting ^^).

If you want to learn more, see the feature list after the jump.

Whether you are shooting in a studio, covering a wedding or doing any other on-location photography work, here’s what Sylights for iPad has to offer you:

  • A full screen lighting diagram editor, featuring an unprecedented user interface to quickly place any gear you’re using on the screen: 
    • Resize and rotate items with intuitive two-finger gestures.
    • With our unique gear wheel, only a few taps are required to access any of the 60 items of our growing gear library.
    • Double-tap on any item to open its contextual menu, offering z-ordering and customizable properties.
    • Save your diagram at any time and come back later to edit it again and complete it.
  • A collection of your diagrams giving you access to a wide range of features:
    • Diagram edition – just in case you had forgotten something, no need to do it all over again!
    • Attach photos to your diagrams: choose them from your photo library, or use your device’s built-in camera to take an instant shot of your setup before it’s taken apart.
    • Send by email: an easy and quick way to share diagrams. If it’s for your friends, send the diagram and its associated photos. If it’s for your assistant, include all the settings information as well!
    • Save the diagram to your photo library.

We took advantage of the iPad’s large screen to move buttons around and make them more easily accessible. Of course, the editor is larger as well and makes the app much more pleasant to use :)

We have more features in our roadmap and we’d like to precise we’ve taken many of your suggestions into account in this roadmap. Just give us some time to do everything right, we’re a small team working on Sylights ^^
Of course Sylights is far from perfect, and we want it to be the best lighting diagrams app for you, so please continue posting your suggestions on, you all have grand ideas that are helping us make Sylights better :)

Also, you might have seen we’re calling Sylights the “most advanced lighting diagram tool” available as of today. If you share this feeling with us, please spread the word! We’ll need more and more people on Sylights as the sharing features will be released on both the website and the mobile apps!
You’ve got many ways to tell your fellow photographers about Sylights:

  • Speak to them! (it’s not really a web 2.0 thing but we like talking =) )
  • Become a fan on facebook and share the link to your contacts
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet one of our announcementts about the iPad app
  • Use the widgets at the bottom of this article
  • Talk about us on your blog…. and so on!

Thanks a lot for your support so far, you’ve been amazing and we’ll never be thankful enough!

Olivier, Pierre-Jean & Mathieu.
aka “The Sylights Team” :)