Sylights for iPhone 1.1 Is Coming

[update] The update is now available on iTunes. Check the App Store :)

Dear iPhone users,

our next update to Sylights for iPhone is currently being reviewed by Apple!
This one catches up with some of the last updates to Here is the change log posted on iTunes:

  • 20 new items to create your diagrams
  • 18 redesigned items
  • Added an outline around the selected item
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash on devices with iOS 3.2 or earlier
  • Fixed various minor bugs

For the last ones of you still experiencing crashes on iOS 3.2 and earlier, this update should make it work fine. If you still have problems with this version, let us know here! See Pierre-Jean’s comment here for instructions to send us an iPhone crash report.

You’ll notice there is one tiny new feature, that was missing to a lot of you out there: a selection outline, showing more clearly which item is selected, and its bounds.

We hope it will make things easier when editing a diagram with many items. Thanks to Jason Lykins for reminding us this was missing!



The update has been in review for a few hours now, so you should expect it quite soon. Another update should follow quickly, and also a small surprise… so stay tuned! :)