Sylights in Your Pocket!

Sylights has been launched a bit more than one month ago, with the intent to provide some powerful tools to strobists/studio photographers regarding lighting diagrams. After this first month, we’d like to thank everybody for showing support and interest in our project!
We’ve seen many articles and blog posts flourish all over the world and feedbacks on our feedback page, which really encourage us to continue working on Sylights to bring up all the features we’ve thought about!
So work is still going on on the website and we will have some news soon, but today’s announcement is not about the website. Today’s news is about bringing Sylights to your pocket. Or wherever you put your phone into, as a matter of fact!
We are indeed really glad to announce you our Sylights for iPhone application, which will be available to a panel of users as a beta version in the coming days! 
As of today, it provides the main functions you could expect from a lighting diagram editor application:
  • Diagram creation with an intuitive editor, including all the gear you can find on
  • Diagram edition once saved
  • Gear information, diagram description, …
  • Send diagram by email, with full or restricted information
This beta test phase will ensure us the stability of the work done so far, and allow us to fix bugs related to the different platforms we haven’t been able to test the application on. Sylights for iPhone will then be submitted to the AppStore as soon as possible, and will be available for free.
To register for this beta program, please go to our iPhone app page and fill in the form there. We will then come back to you with more information. If you’ve got several devices, don’t hesitate to register twice (or more)!
Please consider that we will not be able to accept each and every candidate to this beta program. We wish we could, but we’re unfortunately limited by the number of devices we can send the application to. We are then going to select testers based on their device model and OS version.
When we started Sylights, our idea was to give photographers an access to efficient tools wherever they would be shooting. We believe our iPhone application is an answer to this goal, and we hope it is going to suit your needs! We also do know that iPhones aren’t the only smartphones out there in the real world but well… that’s just a starting point :)