Sylights - Lighting Diagrams Made Easy!

“Lighting diagrams made easy”.
This is what you can now read on the home page of Sylights. Just above a thumbnails list of recent and popular lighting diagrams.

Yes, we’ve put an update online. Yes, you have to check it out!
This is not just about the home page: we’ve packed a lot of new features and improvement in this one.
Learn more after the jump!

Sylights has been running for exactly 8 months today, and we are proud to take a new step toward a more complete sharing platform, dedicated to studio photography and lighting!
This update is not so much about diagrams, as others used to be. This is about starting the discussion and sharing knowledge. We’ve put up different features for this purpose:

A favoriting system that will let you show your interest in someone’s work. This is also the best way to build up a collection of the diagrams you like most, to be able to refer to them later.
Add a diagram to your favorites by clicking the “I light” button at the top of its page. The more a diagram is “lit”, the more popular it gets!
This is what the button looks like:



Commenting on a diagram is a bit smoother now, as the page won’t reload when you post your comment. Also, we have come up with a nicer design for comments, which includes favorites information.


Notifications are sent to you by email, when a lighting diagram you’ve commented on or favorited receives a new comment. It makes following a discussion way easier. You will also receive notifications when someones comments on one of your diagrams, or adds it to his favorites.
You can of course choose not to receive those emails, and that should be done in your user profile, under the “Notifications & Emails” tab.


The dashboard has been enhanced too. It still shows the list of your own diagrams but also your favorite ones, and an activity log so you can see what happened on your lighting diagrams of interest even if you opted out of email notifications.

So those are the means of communication you now get on Sylights to exchange with your fellow photographers.
But we did change some other things to, which are:

A new design that we hope you’ll like, because we love it! 
The most annoying thing about the former one, was that you could just see a list of colorless diagrams. Well we fixed that and made the lists colorful by showing your photos whenever it is possible (ie. whenever you’ve added one!). In your dashboard and on the main lighting diagrams gallery, hovering over the thumbnails with your mouse will show you different information and actions you can take on each diagram.

Note that if you are in a hurry, you can switch from photo to diagram on the main gallery by clicking the switch icon on the right of the popup bubble!


Upload! Talking about your photos. We know not every photographer has a Flickr account, or maybe do not use it to put all their work online. So Flickr import was definitely not the only option we wanted to give you to show off your art. That’s why, from now on, you can also upload your photos directly to Sylights on your lighting diagrams. Of course you keep all ownership on your work, and all files are deleted when you remove a photo or the diagram it was attached to.


OK, now that should be it for surprise number 2!
We have also worked on the internals of Sylights; it probably won’t be obvious for you, but it should have improved the overall stability of the website and we do hope you’ll find Sylights even more pleasant to use with all those new features in those conditions!

Last but not least, I’ll remind you of the multiple options you’ve got to contact us:

We are really craving your feedback and impressions on this update, so don’t hesitate to choose whatever option you prefer and get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to talk!