The All-in-one Post: Newcomer, Affiliation and iPhone Update!

Dear photographers,

we hope you’re enjoying our new version of If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time!
Wonderful photos and their diagrams are posted every day by talented photographers who are waiting for more interaction with you! :)

There are three announcements inside this post, three exciting news that you’ll discover after the jump!

Welcome to Mathieu!

First of all, we are glad to officially welcome Mathieu in our team!
He has been with us for a long time already, as he is the one behind the gear you’re using in our lighting diagram creator. He has decided to fully and officially join us in our adventures, to relieve us from all the graphics-related work.
Thanks Mathieu, and welcome again!


Affiliate program with

The second news is a way for you to help us on Sylights. Lastly, we’ve been approached by PhotoDeck, and have started an affiliate program with them. PhotoDeck is a powerful platform that provides professional websites to photographers, making it easy for any photographer to design his own website and distribute/sell photos online.

It is extremely simple and requires no knowledge in web development, but offers extensive design customization; it features exhaustive e-commerce capabilities as well as proofing & delivery facilities, including a messaging system to interact with your customers; it is suitable for stock photography to automate license sales, as well as for print sales.
Best of all: there’s no commission taken! Set your pricing model, and earn 100% of your sales.

All those features make PhotoDeck the “swiss-army knife” of photographers’ platforms, making us very proud to offer you a rebate on your first purchase with the following coupon code: 

K9PEJ5SL (10% off, valid until April 15 - don’t wait!)

If you need a website to show or sell your work online, head onto now and have a look at their example websites! You can try their service for free for 14 days, and then use our coupon to get 10% off your first subscription.


Sylights for iPhone update


Last but not least, our iPhone app Sylights for iPhone has just been updated on the AppStore!
So if you haven’t done it already, go grab this 1.2 version and enjoy some exciting new features:

  • Attach images to your diagrams. Use images from your iPhone library or directly take a shot with your phone camera.
  • You can now flip the items on your diagram, as  you can on This is particularly handy for the hair lights orientation.
  • The double-tap menu on items has been updated, you can now access the locks more quickly.
  • When you open a diagram, the editor zooms in or out automatically to show you the largest area of your diagram.

We are waiting for your feedback! :)