Those Lucky Guys Just Won the Contest!

Hey, sorry we’re late!

Last weeks have been kind of crazy here, including a trip from France to the USA for an unexpected visit to NYC to attend the PDN PhotoPlus Expo!
… which was awesome, by the way!

During this time, photos were sent on Sylights from photographers who wanted to bring back those DIY Ring Flash babies home.

Well, two of them did!

Flavored Gins by Tilo Gockel

Julie by Romain Lechevalier

Tilo Gockel from Germany and Romain Lechevalier from France will soon receive a wonderful package containing:

  • A DIY Ring Flash 
  • It’s Ring Flash Bracket, which is the best solution to attach your flash to the ring flash
  • A Double Flash Bracket, which we add as an apology gift for being late on announcing the results. This bracket will allow Tilo and Romain to shoot with more power when using their cobra flashes!

All these items are from DIY Lighting Kits, who we thank a lot for partnering up with us for this contest! You should have a look at their products, they’re a great way for anyone to get affordable modifiers and gear without sacrificing the quality of light!

And of course, thanks a lot to everybody who participated for our very first contest!
It was a modest beginning, but we’re very happy we’ve done it, and you should stay tuned ‘cause we are going to launch others :)

As a last word, you can check out participations to this contest by using this search request.