Von Wong Photography

Hi guys,

I’m happy to see it’s still possible to find a way down to here!
Sorry about being so silent during the past months… “We’ve all been very busy” is the common excuse and, well, it does apply here!

As you might know, we are working on Sylights on our free time and still have full-time jobs to attend to.
Which makes me think we should have a small post presenting ourselves some time…

Anyway! Things are going to get “serious” soon and I’ll tell you more about that later.


Today’s news is about an amazing photographer, and how we are partnering up with him on his project.


Von Wong Photography

Benjamin Von Wong is an awesome photographer from Montreal.
I don’t want to say too much about why I love his work because he’d just blush, so if you don’t know him already just check out his portfolio on Flickr!

However, Benjamin does more than just posting photos online; he also shares behind the scene videos, and has decided to go even further with his friend and videographer Erwan Cloarec.


“Von Wong does Europe”

Ben & Erwan are about to come to Europe, meet as many artists as possible and tell their stories. They’re going to write about them, to make photos of them and to make videos of them.
And because they believe in the power of sharing, they are also going to put together Behind The Scene videos of their photoshoots and photoshop retouching tutorials.


Their skills and creativity are not to be proven anymore, yet we hope they’ll push back their limits and venture out of their comfort zone: the outcome for us photographers can only be better!

“Von Wong does Europe” is more than just two jumping-to-the-ceiling guys coming out of their politically-correct country to discover people of the Old Continent :)
It’s about discovering talents, placing them in the spotlight of their creativity to make them shine, and then explaining to the world how they did it.


This, at Sylights, is a vision we really dig!
That’s why we have decided to back their project and become an official partner of Von Wong does Europe.

As a result, you can expect some updates about their trip, as well as lighting diagrams of wonderful photos of the artists they’ll meet to join your own wonderful photos on sylights.com!


Last but not least, just click here and help them make this happen! You don’t want to miss on the “perks” they’ve set up for their contributors!